Woman jailed after 5 false rape allegations

A woman who made a string of false rape allegations against five men in eight years was behind bars last night.

Leanne Black, 32, repeatedly cried rape with bogus sex assault reports to police after rowing or breaking up with her former partners.

In one case, Black claimed she had been drugged and raped. In another she told police a boyfriend kidnapped and molested her.

A court heard that her innocent partners would have faced up to five years in jail if they had been found guilty of such serious sexual allegations.

However, Black was herself jailed for two years, with a judge condemning her actions, telling her that genuine rape victims would be undermined by her lies.

Bringing a false charge of rape should carry the same penalty as if the accused had been convicted of rape. Via Leanne Black is finally jailed after FIVE false rape allegations against her ex-boyfriends in eight years | Mail Online.

The Obamacare employer mandate delay is another symptom of our crumbling ‘rule of law’

I am not a legal scholar, so I need someone to explain it to me. In what sense do we live under the rule of law if the Congress can pass a bill, the president can sign it, and then the president can unilaterally announce that it is not going to be implemented as planned? Telling me that this kind of discretionary power is routinely exercised by the executive branch is not an answer. In what sense is legislation that permits such discretion the “rule of law”? Isn’t the essence of the rule of law that ordinary citizens can know what the rules are? Can be confident that the rules are not guidelines but, you know, The Law?

We live in a country where the law has not only become unintelligible, written in thousand-page chunks, but has morphed into a giant mass of silly putty that can be reshaped as our rulers find convenient.

via The Obamacare employer mandate delay is another symptom of our crumbling ‘rule of law’ | AEIdeas.