Global Warming Fraud: The Big Picture

…the IPCC's fundamental conclusions, relating to the allegedly unprecedented warming of the past half-century, are based on bad surface temperature data and are contradicted by more-reliable satellite data and by our knowledge of the earth's climate history. We know for a fact, in short, that the computer models that are the only basis for the AGW theory are wrong: …

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Guns: Not Just for the Home Anymore

… there is no civilized right more basic than self-defense; indeed, to make such defense more efficient and wide-ranging is one of the only legitimate reasons for government at all, thus making localities' attempts to bar its citizens from practicing the right effectively particularly pernicious.

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The Green Death

Who is the worst killer in the long, ugly history of war and extermination? Hitler? Stalin? Pol Pot? Not even close. A single book called Silent Spring killed far more people than all those fiends put together.

The motivation behind Silent Spring, the suppression of nuclear power, the global-warming scam, and other outbreaks of environmentalist lunacy is the worship of centralized power and authority. The author, Rachel Carson, didn’t set out to kill sixty million people – she was a fanatical believer in the newly formed religion of radical environmentalism, whose body count comes from callousness, rather than blood thirst. The core belief of the environmental religion is the fundamental uncleanliness of human beings. All forms of human activity are bad for the environment…

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Put down the political pom-poms

Many of those who had no problem with government control or power growing under President Clinton were horrified to see control or power growing under President George W. Bush. Yet, as vociferously as they objected to what they saw as abuse of power by Bush, many of these same people welcome growing government control and power under President Obama. And those who supported Bush as he expanded government, even domestically and even outside of areas related to national security, were then horrified at the growth of government under Obama.

It’s time to stop cheering for a team, to put down the political pom-poms and to allow the government, when it is your party in office, to only have as much power as you would be comfortable with it having if the other side were in power. Because at some point it will be the other side in power. And if you were cheering for one side to have that power, most likely you won’t be happy about how that power is used when the other side has it (even when both parties take us in the same direction).

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May Cooler Heads Prevail

I feel I’ve been had.

One thing I could not have known in 1996 was that the IPCC’s warming predictions would be wrong. Mean global surface temperatures have not risen since 1998, and, by some measures, have dropped since 2001. The CRU e-mails show scientists trying to hide this decline, to give one detail—I don’t have room in this column to detail the extent of CRU’s shenanigans, nor could I tell the story as well as others, so please read this “Editor’s Page” online for links (see below).

This doesn’t necessarily mean manmade global warming is disproven. But it does deflate the certainty and moral righteousness of the Al Gores and the IPCCs of the world.

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Barney Frank Doesn’t Know What To Do

Here’s an idea. Why not let people of who want to borrow money to buy a house convince the people who lend the money that there’s a good chance that the money will get paid back. Creative, no? It’s called voluntary exchange. Or a market. Or normal. Fannie and Freddie were abnormal. We don’t need a “new system.” The old system didn’t work because you, Barney Frank, and others, tried to steer it. Let’s have NO SYSTEM that you figure out and control and steer. Let’s let the housing market emerge that has the built-in feedback loops of profit and loss.

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