The Men Kicking In Your Door Shouting “Police” Might Not Be Police

The homeowners told police that while they were sleeping, three men who were dressed in police-like garb entered their bedroom and put flex-cuffs on their hands.

Investigators said the assailants came in through the home’s front door and took money and electronics before running away.

Police said this is the third home invasion incident involving possible police impersonators. The other incidents happened in the northeast and southern parts of the city.

via Police Impersonators Sought In Home Invasion – Baltimore News Story – WBAL Baltimore.

Granny’s no terror threat

For people serious about security, the entire TSA is a joke. “The whole system is designed to catch stupid terrorists,” says security expert Bruce Schneier. Trying to keep weapons or explosives off planes by embarrassing grannies or terrorizing toddlers is a waste of time, and the TSA knows it.

Former TSA head Kip Hawley admitted in 2008 that “all they [terrorists] have to do is walk through the airport clean and then have someone throw something over a fence.”

The reason for the current dog and pony show is to make passengers feel safe so we’ll keep flying. Which is another reason the granny groping is counterproductive. How can I feel safe when my life is in the hands of TSA agents who think “The Golden Girls” represent a terrorist threat?

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Militarized Education

The federal Department of Education doesn’t employ a single teacher but it does have a SWAT team: They kicked down a front door in Stockton, Calif. last week and handcuffed Kenneth Wright (erroneously) in connection with a student-loan “investigation.” “We can confirm that we executed a search warrant,” said Department of Education spokesperson Gina Burress.

The Department of Education issues search warrants? Who knew? The Brokest Nation in History is the only country in the developed world whose education secretary has his own Delta Force. And, in a land with over a trillion dollars in college debt, I’ll bet it’s got no plans to downsize.

via Obama’s Road to Nowhere – Mark Steyn – National Review Online.

Arming the Small Business Administration and Railroad Retirement Board

Most people expect agencies like the FBI to be well armed for law enforcement purposes.  But the Railroad Retirement Board?  He reports that federal agencies far and wide now have armed agents, including the Small Business Administration.  For what?  To scare away phony 8(a) applications??  The United States Department of Education bought 27 Remington Model 870 12-gauge shotguns last year.  Here is the request for proposals to sell the weapons.  Perhaps the contracting officer, Holly Lee, knows why on earth the Department of Education needs a weapons arsenal. Maybe for the Department of Education SWAT team.

via The PJ Tatler » Weaponizing the Small Business Administration and Railroad Retirement Board.

Miami Police Shoot Man to Death, Attempt to Steal/Destroy All Video Evidence of Shooting Man to Death – Hit & Run : Reason Magazine

When the cops notice Benoit filming, they demand that he stop. Benoit puts his phone down by his side and returns to his car. As he’s walking, he repeatedly says that he’s filming the police and not doing anything wrong. The area is well lit, and Benoit isn’t the only person filming. He is, however, the only person ignoring police commands to stop filming. 

The next time Benoit raises the camera, it’s to capture an adrenaline-fueled and agitated-looking Miami police officer circling his Ford Expedition, pointing a gun through the windows at Benoit and his girlfriend. Pretty soon, cops swarm the car and force Benoit and his girlfriend to exit the vehicle. 

Benoit’s girlfriend told the Miami Herald that police then “put guns to our heads and threw us on the ground.” According to Benoit, one officer handcuffed him, grabbed his phone, “smashed” it on the ground, and then put it back in Benoit’s pocket.

via Miami Police Shoot Man to Death, Attempt to Steal/Destroy All Video Evidence of Shooting Man to Death – Hit & Run : Reason Magazine.