Finally, A Positive Take On The Future — “America 3.0: The Coming Reinvention of America”

As the 2.0 state fails, we are seeing increasing awareness, urgency, and activism in response to a deepening crisis. The emerging America 3.0 will reverse several key characteristics of the 2.0 state: decentralization versus centralization; diversity and voluntarism rather than compulsion and uniformity; emergent solutions from markets and voluntary networks rather than top-down, elite-driven commands. Strong opposition to the rise of America 3.0 is inevitable, including heavy-handed, abusive, and authoritarian attempts to prop up the existing order. But this “doubling down” approach is doomed. It is incompatible with both the emerging technology and the underlying cultural framework that will predominate in America 3.0. 

via America 3.0: The Coming Reinvention of America — The American Magazine.

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1 thought on “Finally, A Positive Take On The Future — “America 3.0: The Coming Reinvention of America””

  1. I don’t see any trend toward decentralization or market solutions emerging right now. I’m not sure from where this author draws his optimism.

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