Cab driver falsely accused of rape saved by his phone app

Mohammed Asif was left in tears in a police cell after Astria Berwick told officers he had carried out an assault on her in his cab.

But the 34-year-old eventually proved his innocence with a voice recording app he was using in his taxi because his CCTV was broken.

Berwick, of Bingham, Notts, was sentenced to 16 months in prison after admitting perverting the course of justice.

Nottingham Crown Court heard she had used Mr Asif’s taxi on February 20, then called police to say she had been the victim of a serious sexual assault.

Judge Michael Stokes QC, The Recorder of Nottingham, said: “This was outrageous behaviour by the defendant against a wholly innocent man who had been saved by the recording on his phone.”

Do all women lie about rape all of the time? No. Do some women lie about rape some of the time? Yes. Via Cab driver falsely accused of rape saved by his phone app – Telegraph.

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3 thoughts on “Cab driver falsely accused of rape saved by his phone app”

  1. For perspective, Paul, let’s also include general stats from the UK, for 2012-2013 and limited to England and Wales. Source: where total sexual assault reports for the year were ~ 55,000, which averages to 150 reports of sexual assault per day.

    In the US, it’s estimated that 1.3 women are raped per minute, or 78 women per hour.

    Who have we become? This is not how we should be treating one another.

  2. Smart man. I do the same thing with my cell whenever a woman is around. An Arizona Cardinals cheerleader pulled the false DV thing on her boyfriend. She attacked him and then called the police claiming he attacked her. She was made because another woman texted him. He recorded her actions on his cell and now, thankfully, he’s free and she’s in jail. This kind of thing is going to happen a lot more often thanks to VAWA and gender feminism. Every week I see a new story of things like this happening. False rape, false DV, women hiring hit men, women killing their boyfriends, etc. A plethora of women will destroy a lot of men before most men wise up. Most men are unaware of these dangers and will suffer severely as a result.

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