9 thoughts on “Pro-Choice Liberalism Gives You Only One Choice”

  1. Well, I understand that it’s done in comic form, and meant to be satire that skewers, but even at that level, it’s a pretty poor caricature of liberalism.

    I was going to write: I want to own what I buy, but then i realized, conservatives and liberals are equally bad on that one. How about: I want to be know what’s in what I eat.

    1. I assert that left-leaning comics of the same type are also, in general, “pretty poor caricatures” of the opposing point of view. 😉

      Either way, the responses would need to be in the form of “choice” (as shown by the comic), specifically choices that left/liberal/progressives want you to have that right/conservative types don’t.

  2. Your first response, as to some imaginary or speculative left leaning version being also a caricature, is, given how speculative and imaginary, pretty poor. It further attributes to me all kinds of attitudes that are not necessarily so. So, we’ll chalk that one up to LOL, okay? 🙂

    Now, for the second. What is this, Simon Says? Wonder Twins power activate in the form of? Heh heh. Alright then. How about: Can I have full information of the contents listed on what I eat?

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