9 thoughts on “Pro-Choice Liberalism Gives You Only One Choice”

  1. Well, I understand that it’s done in comic form, and meant to be satire that skewers, but even at that level, it’s a pretty poor caricature of liberalism.

    I was going to write: I want to own what I buy, but then i realized, conservatives and liberals are equally bad on that one. How about: I want to be know what’s in what I eat.

    1. I assert that left-leaning comics of the same type are also, in general, “pretty poor caricatures” of the opposing point of view. πŸ˜‰

      Either way, the responses would need to be in the form of “choice” (as shown by the comic), specifically choices that left/liberal/progressives want you to have that right/conservative types don’t.

  2. Your first response, as to some imaginary or speculative left leaning version being also a caricature, is, given how speculative and imaginary, pretty poor. It further attributes to me all kinds of attitudes that are not necessarily so. So, we’ll chalk that one up to LOL, okay? πŸ™‚

    Now, for the second. What is this, Simon Says? Wonder Twins power activate in the form of? Heh heh. Alright then. How about: Can I have full information of the contents listed on what I eat?

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