The Best Review Of “Let Me In” That I’ve Seen

Recently, my parents found an old dog that had been abandoned.  He stunk.  We needed to bathe him, and he wasn’t keen on the idea.  It might seem mean to hold him down and spray him with a hose and soap with all his whining and complaining and whelping.  It would seem to the dog like he was being abused, and would sound like he was being abused.  But if we don’t clean the dog, no one is going to take him in.  It is a loving action to wash the dog.  Whereas if we let him go on stinking, it will be much happier, and will surely die of starvation in a matter of weeks.  That isn’t loving.

This is also a concept largely missing in modern morality.  Evil can wear kindness, and good can wear cruelty — God was once praised as “terrifying”.  Don’t be fooled by appearances, but intention.  Love looks to better the other, while true hatred looks to please the other so as to use them for one’s own wishes.

Go read the review to see why I picked that particular excerpt. Via the Wood between Worlds: Let Me In: the anti-Twilight.

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