What the Media Choose Not to Know about Trayvon

In reporting this news of George Zimmerman’s return to jail, more than a few media outlets showed the dangerously deceptive image of Trayvon as 11-year-old cherub.

According to the autopsy report, Trayvon was 5’11" tall and weighed 158 pounds, the "ideal healthy weight" at that height being 160 pounds.  He was not the skinny little boy with the Skittles that half of America still believes him to be.  He was at least three inches taller than Zimmerman and only about 20 pounds lighter.

In the past year or so, his social media sites showed a growing interest in drugs, in mixed martial arts-style street fighting, in a profoundly vulgar exploitation of "bitches."  

Trayvon posed for one photo with raised middle fingers, another with wads of cash held in an out-stretched arm.  One YouTube video shows him refereeing a fight club-style street fight.  A cousin had recently tweeted him, "Yu ain’t tell me yu swung on a bus driver," meaning, if true, that Trayvon had punched out a bus driver.

Zimmerman never saw the cute little boy that the TV audience did.  He saw a full-grown man, a druggy, a wannabe street fighter, the tattooed, gold-grilled, self-dubbed "No_Limit_Nigga."  

The article includes a timeline of events that you may find shocking; doubly so, when you realize the major media outlets have not reported it. Via Articles: What the Media Choose Not to Know about Trayvon.

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5 thoughts on “What the Media Choose Not to Know about Trayvon”

  1. Fun trivia: Trayvon’s parents were at the Rainbox Push Coalition in Chicago while we were at the Tek conference. Saw it on the news.

  2. @Zworn: You are incorrect. They are not “good reaseons to kill the boy.” They are facts about the young man who was killed. These facts have not been presented very often, if at all, and they give us a much more accurate idea of who Zimmerman was up against.

  3. Zimmer Man Was dealing with an young African American male who was 3 inches taller than he and weighed 20 lbs. lighter. Was he intimidated or something? It sounds like to me you’re trying to down grade the young black man in order to seek some kind of justification for Zimmerman taking his life. Was Trayvon using, sailing, or did he have drugs on him when they killed him? Was Trayvon refereeing a fight club-style street fight at the station or did he swing on a bus driver at the station. Oh, he must have been using vulgar language, giving people the middle finger. So, instead of arresting him for disturbing the peace, he’d rather make him rest in peace. Or, maybe he was flashing his cash while he was striking a pose. Didn’t know that was illegal. Was Trayvon using mixed martial arts-style street fighting when the police beat, shocked, and then killed him? I never say a little boy on t.v. I seen a black male in his late teens/early twenties in a black hooded sweat shirt, with a black bennie hat on. I More like Zimmerman seen a black male, gold grill, with tattoo’s and Dubbed him “Nigga”. I’m going to dub Zimmerman “Killa”.

  4. ” It sounds like to me you’re trying to down grade the young black man in order to seek some kind of justification for Zimmerman taking his life.”

    There’s no need to. The police reports, the statements, and the evidence all point to Trayvon attempting to beat Zimmerman to death. Zimmerman’s response is the definition of justifiable homicide.

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