Women and Solipsism

One of the hardest things for men to understand or even recognize its significance is female solipsism. What this means is that most women view everything from their own perspective. And by everything, I don’t mean everything that directly or indirectly involves them, I mean everything. This, for example, is where the Team Woman concept comes from. As most observant individuals recognize, women aren’t team players and habitually sabotage their female friends and relatives.

(No, you’re not fat, in fact, you’re TOO skinny… have another piece of cake! It would look so cute if you cut all your hair off. And definitely break up with your CEO husband who used to be a pro athlete, you can do so much better than him!)

And yet, a man can’t make a negative comment about lesbian Finnish women with PhDs in Mongolian Horse Milking without straight American women who never went to college leaping to their defense and taking great personal umbrage that anyone might dare to suggest that Dr. Piia-Noora Kiviniemi-Damdinsüren could be anything less than fabulous. This is because even though a woman has absolutely nothing in common with Dr. Kiviniemi-Damdinsüren and possesses absolutely no opinion whatsoever on Mongolian Mare Milking, she nevertheless identifies with the other woman and therefore feels that your negativity towards the doctor is actually somehow an attack on her.

This is, of course, insane.

via Alpha Game: The utility of solipsism.

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2 thoughts on “Women and Solipsism”

  1. Men have been fully aware of the self obsession of womankind since the dawn of time, starting with Eve, a fine example of female solipsism if ever there was one. Most men see it in action on a daily basis……woman encounters a man passing adverse comments about any other woman, no matter who it happens to be, and that woman automatically assumes it’s a direct verbal assault on herself. So from all of this men can only assume that the only thing that matters to a woman is her own existence and wellbeing.

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